Parents and carers

Welcome to Priorslee Primary Academy, an academy that endeavours to make each child feel valued as an individual, within a community that cares. At Priorslee we realise the importance in equipping children with the appropriate academic and physical skills. We try to instil in them correct social and moral values and, most importantly, stimulate and motivate them to achieve the highest levels of confidence, enjoyment and success in all that they do.

Our success as an academy relies on the flourishing partnership between home and school and this can be identified in so many ways – classroom help, our highly active “Friends of the School,” support for functions, as well as all the many other duties that parents undertake. Priorslee Academy is well resourced but a good school can not simply be judged on facilities and equipment alone. A highly committed staff, a mutual respect between teachers and pupils, clearly identified policies for academic and personal development for every child, high standards, supportive governors and positive leadership are the very necessary ingredients required for an efficient and effective school. I firmly believe that our academy possesses all of these qualities. Together we can all look to the future, committed in our determination that Priorslee can provide the very best education and preparation for life for every child. We look forward to a hard-working, happy and successful partnership. Wendy Moore, Principal.